Base Pricing (Have Questions?)

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Distance Individual (Per Large Item) Business (Per Large Item) Price (More than one Item)
Upto 5 kms 599 499 1599
After 5 kms 40 per km 30 per km 50 per km
Waiting Charges 5 per min 6 per min 8 per min
Lifting Charges 100 per floor 100 per floor 100 per floor
Additional Pickups / Drops 150 150 150
Assembly / Dismantling 150 150 150

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

Our pricing is transparent and takes into account important aspects needed to delivery large goods.

  • Trip charges - For example, if we've to deliver a double bed within 10 kms, then trip charges will be Rs 599 for first 5 kms, then Rs 40 per km for the next 5 kms, i.e. Rs 799.
  • Waiting charges - We provide 30 minutes of free waiting time at pickup & delivery location. In case pickup or delivery task takes more than 30 minutes (including loading/unloading), then additional charges of Rs 6 per minute will be applicable.
  • Lifting charges -If we've to lift a large item from 3rd floor (service lift not available) to 4th floor (service lift available), then total chargable floors will be only 3 (3 floors at pickup location + 0 floors at delivery location due to service lift availability), hence additional lifting charge of Rs 300.
  • Addition pickup/delivery location - For example, if we pickup 4 mattresses from one location and deliver it to 4 different locations each at ground floor, i.e. 3 additional delivery points. Lets say if the vehicle runs for 15 kms. Total charges will be Rs 599 + Rs 40*(15-5) + Rs 150 * 3 = Rs 1449.
  • Assembly/Dismantling charges - If you need assembly/dimantling of furniture, additional charges of Rs 150 for each assembly & dismantling task.

Where are CityXfer services available?

Currently our services are available in Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai. We will soon be launching in other cities. Do reach out to us on if you want to discuss more with us.

Is there any limit on weight, dimensions items?

  • Medium Items - less than 30 kg in weight & 2ft x 2ft x 2ft in in size
  • Large Items - less than 150 kg in weight & 7ft x 7ft x 7ft in size (typically fits in a Tata Ace or 407, needs 2 men to load/unload)

How does pricing change if I have multiple items?

The above pricing works for 2 small or medium or large items. If you have more than 2 items to be delivered from same pickup to the same delivery location, then loading/unloading of extra items will be charged separately. For example, delivery charges for 4 double bed mattresses from 1st floor to 1st floor for 10 kms distance will be - Rs 799 for trip charges + Free loading/unloading of 2 mattresses + Rs 200 for loading/unloading of 2 extra mattresses.

What if I have to send goods to Rural Bangalore?

The charges mentioned above are applicable to Urban Bangalore, however, for Rural Bangalore the charges will be 50% extra. For example, deliveries to Chikkaballapur, Bidadi, Hoskote, Devanahalli will incur extra charges of 50% of one-way.

What if want to send items heavier than 100 kg?

Loading/Unloading of items heavier than 100 kg will incur a cost of Rs 1 per 1 kg per floor. For example, a heavy wardrobe of approx 500 kg will incur an extra cost of Rs 400 per floor in addition to above mentioned charges. If these goods need extra labor, then we request customers to arrange for the same separately. CityXfer can also arrange for an additional labor at Rs 300 per delivery task.

My stairs are narrow, and there is no service lift!

If goods cannot be taken through stairs, then we request our customers to arrange the lifting themselves. Typically in such cases equipments like ropes, ladders & more labor (typically 4) are required.